Hazel Askew is a singer, multi-instrumentalist, composer and Teacher from London, creating music inspired by the folk traditions of England and beyond.

Hazel Askew


Voice | Melodeon | Harp | Concertina | Flute

Hazel performs regularly on the folk and early music scenes as a singer and multi-instrumentalist. Her voice has been described as "captivating" (fRoots) and she sings the lead vocals in The Askew Sisters as well as being one third of vocal harmony trio Lady Maisery and part of The Artisans.

In 2013 she was a soloist in Emily Hall's secular requiem 'Rest' and she has also sung for dance and theatre productions. Hazel is one of the top melodeon players in the country and plays it most regularly with The Askew Sisters, but has also played with artists such as Bella Hardy, Kathryn Tickell, Sam Lee and Maz O'Connor. She is becoming increasingly known as a folk harpist for her work with Lady Maisery, but also plays medieval harps with groups such as The Artisans, Joglaresa and The Dufay Collective. In 2010 she was a soloist on flute and melodeon in Orlando Gough's offbeat requiem 'Deadhead', which premiered at Brighton Early Music Festiaval.

Hazel is often touring in the UK and there is more information about her main performing projects below:

The Askew Sisters

Vocals, Melodeon and Concertina

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Inspired arrangements of traditional music, striking versions of tricky ballads – this is traditional folk in a fine, fresh form."
The Telegraph

The Askew Sisters is Hazel's long running duo with her sister Emily.

Emily and Hazel Askew have become known as two of the foremost performers and interpreters of English folk music.

Their live performances brim with the depth and connection not only of two sisters, but also of two musicians who have been immersed in folk music all their lives.

Together, they rework and reinterpret songs and balladry, creating breath-taking arrangements, which allow words that are hundreds of years old to resonate profoundly with contemporary audiences.

Alongside this, both women are also skilled multi-instrumentalists and expert players of dance music, using fiddles, melodeons, concertina and cello in their innate drive to bring old dance music to life.

Their more recent album, In the Air or the Earth, was released by RootBeat Records, to widespread critical acclaim in the national press and won Best Traditional Album at the 2015 Spiral Earth Awards. In spring 2019 they will be releasing their long awaited fourth album.

They regularly tour around the UK.

For information and their next live performances see: www.askewsisters.co.uk

Lady Maisery

Vocals, Harp, Concertina

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Lady Maisery are women with ideas, purpose and urgency. They've packed these into Mayday and created a powerful, enthralling work." Songlines *****

In an English folk scene currently bursting with bold and innovative folk music, vocal trio Lady Maisery shine brightly.

With their unique approach to harmony singing, intelligent and thoughtful arrangements of both traditional repertoire and original compositions, Hazel Askew, Hannah James and Rowan Rheingans harness and celebrate their united voice.

Whether unearthing a feminist twist hidden in a traditional tale, delivering a poignant anti-war ballad, or showcasing their immense multi-instrumental talents in original compositions that draw on a myriad of musical influences, Lady Maisery are skilful explorers of the power, beauty and vitality of song. Underpinning every performance are Lady Maisery’s distinctive harmonies: sometimes lush and rich, sometimes dark and invigorating, they intertwine with assured precision.

They have released three studio albums which have received considerable attention in the national press, and regularly play on national radio such as BBC Radio 4’s Woman’s Hour, BBC Radio 3’s World on 3, Late Junction and In Tune, and BBC Radio 2’s Folk Show.

Lady Maisery love collaborating with other groups to make groundbreaking new music. This includes their feminist collective Coven (with O’Hooley & Tidow and Grace Petrie), wintertime show Awake Arise (with Jimmy Aldridge & Sid Goldsmith) and they were also a key members of Songs of Separation (with Eliza Carthy, Karine Polwart and others).

They regularly tour the UK as a trio and with their other projects. For information and their next live performances see: www.ladymaisery.com

The Artisans

Medieval harp, vocals

The Artisans are an exciting band who create fresh interpretations of medieval and renaissance music. Formed of musicians from diverse backgrounds in folk, world and early music, they bring together a broad experience from different genres. From exotic dance tunes to rousing chorus songs, they play a range of fascinating instruments including recorders, bagpipes, vielle, harp, rebec, symphony, oud and a variety of percussion. They have toured across the country and have performed live on BBC Radio 3's Early Music Show and Essential Classics.

For information see: www.the-artisans.co.uk